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Ten Thoughts on the NFL

NFL: Super Bowl LI-Winning Team Press Conference Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

1) The New England Patriots completed one of the greatest comebacks in the history of championship games, and many fans were crying conspiracy. Others were talking about how the Atlanta Falcons choked away a 25 point lead.

I’m not big on conspiracy theories and I’m more likely to give the Pats credit for being the great Dynasty they are. At no time while watching the Super Bowl did I think the Falcons had that game wrapped up. Too many things could happen and the Patriots had the experience to just keep plugging away. And they did.

What looked like a boring laugher, ended up being a game for the ages.

2) NFL fans hoping for an awkward moment when commissioner Roger Goodell presented the trophy to the Patriots, we’re disappointed when nothing happened. Then again, there may have been something said that the on field microphone didn’t pick up, because the crowd really tried boo Goodell out of the stadium. Goodell was getting some serious X-Pac heat. (That reference is only for a few of you!)

3) Speaking of Patriots’ disliking the commish...

Maybe this has something to do with Matt Patricia not getting many feelers for head coaching jobs around the NFL. For as unpopular as Goodell is amongst the Pats and most fans, he’s still making a ton of cash for the owners.

4) This may only amuse me, but did you realize that Tom Brady just made The List?

5) Where does this catch rank all time?

6) Speaking of great catches, this one was also fantastic.

Did you know that Julio Jones was only targeted 4 times in the Super Bowl, which is the lowest amount of times he was targeted in a game since he wasn’t thrown to at all on November 27, 2011, his rookie season.

7) Not a fan of many of the Super Bowl commercials this year.

Christopher Walken doing a dramatic read of Bye, Bye, Bye was interesting, because Christopher Walken.

I liked the little girl in the soap box derby race, but other than that very meh.

8) I had no idea the Lady Gaga halftime show featured a drone show until after. I just assumed it was some special affects for TV viewers only. Even though the opening segment was filmed earlier in the week, it was still cool to see the drones dancing around.

9) I just want to reiterate what Sam said yesterday, if journalists are going to hold personal grudges against players when it comes to Hall Of Fame Voting, it’s time they lose voting privileges.

Terrell Owens may have rubbed many members of the media the wrong way, but he’s a Hall Of Famer and he should be in Canton.

10) Speaking of the Pro Football Hall Of Fame, former Chicago Bears’ Great Brian Urlacher is eligible for the 2018 class. Some believe that his being on the same ballot with Ray Lewis, who was arguably the best inside linebacker of his generation, will hurt his chances on being a first-ballot inductee.

Urlacher may not have as glistening of a resume as does Lewis, but there’s no mistake, Brian Urlacher belongs in the Hall.