What is the prognosis for all of the previously injured Bears?

So we made it through the first few days of free agency - WooHoo! That was kind of exhausting. Some are disappointed, some are optimistic, some just want to see things progressing. That's where I'm at.

I want to know what the status is of everyone currently on the roster. Can't really tell where we're at or where we're going if we don't have a good handle on what we have in the cupboard right now. So I appeal to those of you that are more in the "Know" than I am.

For example, am I mistaken in thinking that we currently have 17 DB's of the roster? There appears to be a great combination of youth and experience. Kind of excited to see the collective talent level of the group. Who has grown, who is going to step up.

That brings me to injuries. What is the status and prognosis of these guys:

1. Fuller

2. Goldman

3. Grasu

4. McPhee

5. Trevathan

6. Porter

7. LeBlanc

8. Long

9. Wilson

10. White

I could probably go one but you all get the gist. I appreciate you insights.

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