The People's Court of Ryan Pace. Part Two: Open Court

The majority of free agency is finished and it is time to hash out how well our GM is succeeding. For ground rules here please only debate the merits of specific actions. The effectiveness of Pace's overall strategy will be decided in part three, The Verdict. Try not to start new threads once a topic is brought up and avoid ad hominem attacks. I have updated the list of crimes according to new information that has become available and the feedback from commenters on Part One.

Crime #1: Failure to sign top end talent in the 2017 free agency period for appropriate prices. Four counts: AJ Bouye, Stephon Gilmore, Ricky Wagner, Logan Ryan.

Crime #2: Over payment for marginally talented players in this year's free agency. Six counts: Mike Glennon, Quintin Demps, Dion Sims, Marcus Cooper, Prince Amukamara, Markus Wheaton.

Crime #3: Mishandling of cap surplus. We currently have ~25 million available pending further spending, cuts, and signing the rookie class. One count.

Crime #4: Drafting Kevin White. One count.

Crime #5: Cutting or letting good players leave in free agency. Seven counts: Alshon Jeffery, Jay Cutler, Brandon Marshall, Martellus Bennett, Matt Forte, Matt Slauson, and Robbie Gould.

Crime #6: Hiring and keeping John Fox. One count. In 2015 and 2016 Adam Gase would most likely have been the replacement. Arguments for releasing him this year should include an available replacement.

Crime #7: Not making an offer to Tony Jefferson last year. The Cardinals tendered him at the original round level, which was undrafted.

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