Possible Trade Partners

With the Browns trading for Osweiler, and essentially buying a draft pick in the process, it is a possibility that the Cleveland organization can focus the #1 pick in the draft on defense and pick up the top QB available with the #12 pick. Even though Osweiler clearly isn’t their QB of the future, it – at the very least – allows them to place a proper draft slot on the prospects available in this year’s draft. It means they won’t have to reach for Trubisky, Watson, or Kizer at #1.

That leaves the 49ers as the last possible QB needy team to draft before our beloved. However with their addition of Hoyer, who clearly isn’t anyone’s QB of the future, it is a possibility that they also focus on the top quality defensive players to be had and ride the Hoyer train for 2017.

If this occurs, and we see any combination of defensive studs taken at 1 & 2, that leaves the full stable of QB prospects available to the Bears; or better yet a suitable trade partner that has needs at QB.

Here is my take on the likely trade partners and draft day trades we could see for the #3 pick.

Decent Chance

Jacksonville Jaguars. With possession of the #4 pick, and a need at QB as Blake Bortles certainly hasn’t panned out, you could see the Jaguars wanting to trade up and secure their choice of QB1.

Trade package:

Bears get – #4, #35

Jaguars get – #3, #111, #117

New York Jets. With the #6 pick and a GLARING need at QB, this team could certainly pull the trigger and move up.

Trade package:

Bears get – #6, #107, Sheldon Richardson

Jets get – #3

Slight Chance

Cleveland Browns. Assuming they do not package picks to get Jimmy G, the Browns could put together a package with the #12 pick to jump up to #3. And with the #1 defender in their back pocket, it wouldn’t hurt the club.

Trade package:

Bears get – #12, #33, Gary Barnidge

Browns get – #3

Snowballs Chance

New Orleans Saints. Drew Brees isn’t getting younger, and their closer to trading up then they have been in a long time. It may not sound ideal, but only having to move up 8 spots in the draft (and knowing they have pick 32 and a compensatory 3rd round pick in their pocket) may just be the incentive they need.

Trade package:

Bears get – #11, #42, 2018 Round 2 pick

Saints get – #3

Arizona Cardinals. Trading up isn’t completely out of the question knowing that Carson Palmer, a 37 year old with 2 knee surgeries, is your QB1.

Trade package:

Bears get – #13, #77, 2018 Round 1 pick

Cardinals get – #3, #111

Houston Texans. The Texans are built to win now. If Romo goes to Denver, and Cutler goes to the Jets/Miami, they need to find a QB that can help them win now. Trubisky may be that guy.

Trade package:

Bears get – #25, #57, #89, 2018 Round 1 pick

Texans get – #3, #221

Many of these trade scenarios are unlikely considering the belief of this years QB class strength. However, it sure is tantalizing to dream of the compensation our Beloved could get in exchange for the #3 pick. Walk with me down this trail and tell me, which trade would you prefer if all of these were an option?

This Fanpost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.