Draft round scenarios

According to many, this draft is chock full of good players at safety, cornerback, and tight end while being relatively weak at qb and OT. Years ago, the Oakland Raiders selected Khalil Mack in the first round and Derek Carr in the second round. That got me thinking of what would be the best draft round scenario for the Bears given our needs for CB, safety, TE, OT, and of course QB. This is obviously without trades.

Scenario 1: 1st round Jamal Adams FS, 2nd round Adoree Jackson CB, 3rd round Brad Kayaa QB

Scenario 2: 1st round Mitchell Trubisky QB, 2nd round Budda Baker FS, 3rd round Jourdan Lewis CB

Scenario 3: 1st round Soloman Thomas Edge, 2nd round Budda Baker FS, 3rd round Brad Kayaa QB

You can insert a different player that fits the above profile (ie. substitute Davis Webb for Brad Kayaa or obi melofanwu for budda baker, etc.) but I thought this would be a good conversation starter.

With a deep class at safety, CB, and tight end, should the bears pick players that are not as deep at their position this draft and rely on the stronger positions and draft them later and not lose too much talent? What would be your preference and state why in the comments!

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