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Mel Kiper Jr. mocks the Chicago Bears Jamal Adams

LSU v Wisconsin Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Another mock draft from an ESPN Insider, and another mock draft giving the Chicago Bears a safety. Last week we brought you the Todd McShay mock, where he switched his Bears’ pick from Alabama defensive lineman Jonathan Allen to Jamal Adams from LSU, and this week it’s Mel Kiper’s turn to do the same.

Kiper’s mock is also identical to McShay’s 1st and 2nd picks, where they both have Myles Garrett, DE, Texas A&M, going to the Browns at one and Solomon Thomas, DE, Stanford, going to the San Francisco 49ers.

So with all the quarterbacks still available, do you take a safety?

Kiper says, “This might be a high pick for the traditional version of a safety, but Adams is more than that. He's a true hybrid who never has to come off the field, because he can run and cover but also is a beast as an in-the-box defender.”

A lot of people look at Adams as a strong safety because of his physicality, but when you watch his tape, you see a guy that can play deep and cover as well.

“His 4.56 40 at the combine was right in line with what I expected. The Bears targeted the secondary in free agency, signing cornerbacks Prince Amukamara and Marcus Cooper and safety Quintin Demps, and the addition of Adams (6-0, 214) would further boost their defensive backfield.”

Adams would fit right in along side Demps as the starting safeties, but the question of value is always brought up what picking in the top five.

Would the Bears be able to get better value if they waited on a safety in the 2nd round?

Let us know what you think about this pick for the Bears. Is this what you would do if the draft fell this way?