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Chicago Bears Fake News

Here’s a run down of some Chicago Bears’ things that *may be happening behind the scenes at Halas Hall.

Dallas Cowboys v Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The search for a veteran bridge quarterback could take the Chicago Bears in many different directions, but one that isn’t getting much play is a familiar face. Former Bears’ Great, Josh McCown, is a free agent after the Cleveland Browns released him last month. At this point in his career, the 37 year old Mcown realizes that he would best be utilized in a mentorship role. “If I'm a back up, I'd like to go somewhere where I can really mentor a young quarterback and work with him to make him better,” McCrown told SirusXM on February 23rd.

With the Chicago Bears likely to add a rookie quarterback in the draft, who better to show him the ropes than the man who led Chicago to a 3-2 record in 2013 with a career high 109.0 passer rating.

Bringing back McGowan may also be a way to convince wide out Alshon Jeffery to re-sign with the Bears. According to NFL analyst Brian Billick, “As odd as it sounds, bringing McCown back may go a long way toward convincing Jeffery to stay, as 2013 -- when McCown filled in for an injured Cutler -- was Jeffery's best statistical year.”

Wouldn’t you guys like to see Jefferies back in Chicago?

Also, don’t forget that Bears’ GM Ryan Pace and Head Coach John Fox met with him in February of 2015, with McCowan calling it a “great meeting.” He also told the the Chicago Tribune that, “It was good to sit and talk with them and be able to evaluate what they have to offer. It was very positive.”

When McNown left the Bears via free agency back in 2014, some speculated that his popularity was a part of the reason Chicago didn’t push to bring him back.

This morning Mulligan talked about how popular McCown has become in the city, and how his popularity eclipsed the man the franchise just made the highest paid Bear in history. He said that Emery may want to rid his team of that potential distraction.

With Jay Cutler likely out, plus with Phil Emery no longer calling the shots, McClowan could make sense for the Bears.

NFL: Pro Bowl Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bears haven’t had cheerleaders since the 1985 season.

The Chicago Bears haven’t won a Super Bowl since the 1985 season.


Staley the Bear, who was down at the Pro Bowl doing his usual mascot things, was also spotted trying to kidnap one of the Miami Dolphins’ cheerleaders. Was this just a one time creepy thing by Staley, or was it the first step in recreating the Honeybears?

From Brad Biggs’ 2/14 mailbag.

Which happens first: A. The Chicago Honeybears return B. Eddie Royal is cut or C. James Hetfield's Grammy mic works? — @GridAssassin

I’ll go with B. I’m grateful audio was on point for the Metallica concert I attended at AT&T Park last February. Hetfield was excellent.

Notice he didn’t completely dismiss the possibility that the Honeybears make a return.

The New York Jets have released ex-Bear Brandon Marshall, and with Alshon Jeffery expected to be elsewhere, perhaps the Bears look to...

Nah, I can’t even mess around with this one.

Super Bowl LI - New England Patriots v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Well what do you know?

The New England Patriots, who were previously reported to be shopping Jimmy Garoppolo, then were reported to not be shopping him, them were reported to be shopping him, before having sources claim the Patriots wouldn’t trade him, are back willing to move him.

Anyone who believes that a successful organization like the Patriots won’t trade a player is delusional.

I’m not denying that “sources” aren’t telling certain reporters that the Pats took Jimmy G off the trading block, but at some point they should realize they’re being used as pawns.

If the right deal presents itself, Bill Belichick would trade anyone if he felt it would make his team better.

Johnny Manziel is creating a bit of buzz down at the NFL Combine.

At this point in his career, signing Manziel wouldn’t break the bank, plus he has a history with Josh McCown.

Do you think a McCown/Manziel/Rookie QB room makes sense for the Bears?

So Bears’ fans, if you had to choose one, would you rather have Johnny Football, Brian Hoyer or Mike Glennon?

Here’s some non-fake Chicago Bears stuff in case you missed it.

I was a guest on Da Bears Brothers podcast and we talked about the NFL Combine.

* Notice i said “may” and I also have the word “fake” in my title, so don’t get your underwear in a bunch over this one.