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Bear’s Den Weekend Open Thread: April 1-2, 2017

The headlines coming out of Chicago have been weird enough this off season without having to resort to fake April 1 stories...

Our stadium is too small, to generate more money from the 12 fans there we need to raise prices!!!!
Our stadium is too small, to generate more money from the 12 fans there we need to raise prices!!!!
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Well, it's April Fools weekend, so here are a few joke headlines to fool you...

"Bears sign backup Buccaneers QB to $15M per year"

"Bears WR guarantees Bears win 2017 Super Bowl, signs with Eagles in offseason"

"Bears coach says they're "in striking distance" of becoming a winning team"

"Bears sign quarterback most well known for butt fumbling"

"Bears GM really excited by... things."

"Bears reward fans who stuck by them at 3-13 with a hefty ticket price increase."

"Bears complain that stadium recently remodeled to their specifications is too small."

What? Wait WHAT? Those are REAL headlines from this off season?

(Special thanks to Jeff Berkes & Stephen Schweickert for some of the headlines)

We have a relaxed atmosphere here in the Weekend Den and we make it an Open Thread to give you good people a place to come and leave comments, links, love-notes to the Packers and whatever else you want to say (as long as you stay within the community guidelines).

The seat belt light is off, feel free to get up and wander around the cabin! As always, open thread responsibly!!!!


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