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Is Mike Glennon a good fit with the Chicago Bears?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Miami Dolphins Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

The Mike Glennon to the Chicago Bears rumors started to ramp up over the weekend, and I’m not sure how much I buy them. Glennon will get starter money, that’s a given, with the latest rumored asking price being as high as $15 million per year. With as crazy as that number sounds, that would place him as the 23rd highest paid QB in the league.

Like it or not, that’s probably about right where a guy like Glennon should land as a free agent.

In an NFL where there simply aren’t 32 quality quarterbacks, a guy with 18 starts, a 2 to 1 touchdown to interception ratio and a career 84.6 passer rating, will be intriguing to a few teams.

The average per year isn’t nearly as important as the guaranteed money he gets. I’d be surprised if a team was willing to give Glennon much more than a 40% guarantee. So a 4 year, $56 million contract with a $20 million guarantee, is $14 million per season, but if it’s structured so the $20 million is paid out in the first two years, that’s a workable deal for him and his new team. If he thrives starting with his new team, that’s swell, if he falters, he’ll be an expensive back up for his 2nd year, then be cut.

It’s a lot of money, but that’s the price teams pay for the position.

I’m not enamored with the idea of Glennon in Chicago, but as long as he’s not “The Plan,” and the Bears still draft I guy, I’d be OK with it.

ESPN Insider Matt Bowen, recently looked at the best fits for the top players in free agency and he sees a Glennon-Bears marriage.

Making a deal to bring in Patriots quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo is still the Bears' best option. But if we are talking scheme fit with the players about to hit the open market, then Glennon makes sense in Chicago. The Bears want to run a ball-control system with a quarterback who doesn't create adverse situations. Glennon has the arm strength and the decision-making ability (19 touchdown passes, nine interceptions as a starter in 2013) to take calculated risks in the passing game. The Bears need more consistent quarterback play under John Fox. And Glennon is their best available option at this time.

I still think Garoppolo is Plan A, but even if the Bears pull off that trade, I’d still be OK with them drafting a QB at some point.

As far as free agent signal callers go, I’d rather the Bears go after the ‘rumored to be released’ Tyrod Taylor over Glennon, but again, they should draft a QB as well.

Here’s where we are in regards to this Glennon rumor.

Teams can’t even talk with free agents until tomorrow. The legal tempering period gets underway on Tuesday, with free agency starting on Thursday, so where is this rumor coming from?

Is Glennon leaking it? I doubt it, although it is possible.

I’d wonder if Glennon’s “people” were leaking it, but he currently has no agent representing him.

Is a team leaking it? I suppose, although I’m not sure what benefit can be gained for letting this slip. So far Glennon has been linked to the Bears, the Jets and the 49ers.

I can’t wait for free agency so all these rumors can be put to rest.