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A Quick Guide to Key Quarterback Terms: Bears Edition

NFL: Chicago Bears at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Chicago has a new pair of quarterbacks, and according to many, another new passer is likely to join them during the draft. However, while some general terms apply to all quarterbacks (e.g. “signal caller”), Bears fans have a specific pool of references to draw upon. This article is intended as a simple guide for those still learning their way around these terms.

Quarterback Terms

The term What it describes
The term What it describes
"The Full Barkley" To have a chance to earn a starting job in the NFL/and or to win a game and then to thoroughly choke away the opportunity
"Hoyering" Throwing for 300 yards without any turnovers yet somehow only leading your team to 17 points
"A Half Clausen" A game at quarterback that sees every offensive possesion ends in a punt
"A Complete Clausen" To do this while being regarded as the best quarterback of your class by Mel Kiper
"To Cutler" To throw at least one Pick-6 in such a way that a potentially winnable game becomes a horrifically losing cause
"A Classic Jay" A play that common sense and potentially physics suggest should be impossible, likely off a back foot or on the run, that keeps the team's chances alive for the moment
"Pulling a Hanie" Having a large group of the fan base long for you to play, only to get a chance and fail miserably.
"A Fuller House" Being a "winning" quarterback, yet completing less than half your passes and having more interceptions than touchdowns.
"Absolute Orton" To dramatically outplay one's draft position, to the point that it makes most fans wonder why it's so hard to find stability at your position (some forms involve a bottle of whiskey in one hand)
"Rexing the Grossman" To unleash the dragon (if you don't know what this is, someone in the comments section can help you)
"The Oh Henry" Having a yards per rushing attempt higher than a yards per passing attempt.
"Doing the Douglas" See "The Oh Henry", only followed with a transition to minor league baseball instead of the CFL
This list is obviously merely a starting point when it comes to the Bears’ rich history at QB

Clearly, Mike Glennon has much to live up to. In fact, if this tradition is enriched by the likes of Davis Webb or Deshaun Watson, it’s tough to imagine what new levels of play will need description. Should Mitch Trubisky study behind Mark Sanchez, who knows what keen insight the latter will be able to pass on to his rookie counterpart.

[Edit] Based on fan feedback, here are a few more:

Additional Terms from the Community

The new term (inspiration) What it describes
The new term (inspiration) What it describes
"Pulling a McCown" (MadFox/Roman F) When a journeyman quarterback catches lightning in a bottle for a few games, actually outplaying the starter and/or securing a starting job for another team
"Quinning It" (Roman F) When a backup quarterback's job is solely to hold a clipboard, because it is obvious from the moment he plays that he is not suited to the any field
"Cading Away" (Grumpy Middle Aged Man) The act of a quarterback squandering every opportunity to be something great
"The Griese Option" (ECD) Serving as an old veteran QB on the team while being more popular with fans than the starting QB
"Shaw-itis" (Dr. Acula III) The ability of a third-string quarterback to look good late in preseason games, potentially prompting a belief in the fanbase that the player would be a quality starter
Other terms may be added, so check back later!

Please feel free to continue to add your own thoughts below.