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Who is the face of the Chicago Bears’ franchise?

San Francisco 49ers vs Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Even thought the big market Chicago Bears have had plenty of national TV exposure the last few years, they haven’t been very good. From a national perspective, the Bears have been very bland as well. They also haven’t had an alpha personality or an electric playmaker on the team in a few years, that has given casual fans a reason to really look at the team.

So who is the face of the franchise?

Since he was the quarterback, Jay Cutler was probably the face of the franchise the last few years, but his wasn’t the “face” in a way like J.J. Watt is the face of the Texans. Cutler kind of got the gig by default when Brian Urlacher retired.

Arguably, the most popular current Bear is offensive guard Kyle Long. He’s also, arguably, their best player, but does that necessarily make him the face of the franchise from a national perspective?

New quarterback Mike Glennon, will receive a bump in exposure now that he’s leading the team in the third largest market in the United States.

But is he the face of the team?

When the Bears play on TV and they run the ‘Bears vs Whoever’ graphic, will it be Glennon’s picture that adorns the screen?

Kyle Long tweeted about taking on more of a leadership role, but I think that may be more of an Olin Kretz, inside the locker room thing.

Second year pro Leonard Floyd, has a chance to be the franchise’s face, if he can come out and rack up a bunch of sacks early on.

Pro Bowler, Jordan Howard, could be the guy if he builds off his fantastic rookie season.

Pernell McPhee has the temperament and vocalness to be that guy, but he hasn’t been able to stay on the field.

Also keep in mind, the face of the franchise could differ from our local Chicago perspective, to whom the national media gravitates towards.

So what do you guys think?

From a national perspective, who will be the face of the franchise for the 2017 Chicago Bears?