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Ask Windy City Gridiron: Hello there!

We’re starting up a WCG podcast and we want you, the community, to be involved in the fun.

Chicago Bears

Hi, everyone!

I hope this message finds you doing well.

If you’ve followed some of the daily news around these parts lately, you’d have known we were finally starting a full-fledged podcast here at WCG. It’s true! I cannot tell a lie. We even ran a poll figuring out appropriate names. It’s “The Bear Minimum.” Feel free to yell at us about it later.

Anyway, when I pitched this idea of a weekly show to the other guys, what I had in mind was a broadcast for the community. One that’d be engaging, more fun and less serious in tone than other Bears podcasts that could go anywhere (but still with serious analysis), and that’d help us take the necessary step in that front.

Of course, everyone agreed and we’ve now come to this point of actually launching said podcast.

On the show format to this point (a very rough draft), I’ll generally be your host every week and most of the rest of the WCG crew from one of Lester, Steven, Jack, Sam, etc. will either hop on us as guests or be my co-host each time. We’re going to talk everything from (now) the draft and fan perspectives, to original segments, to food takes, recent pop culture news, and whether an Oreo is better without milk (it is).

There’s almost nothing (note the almost) we won’t touch on, especially if you want us to.

We’re going to strive to have relevant guests from all round the football and media world and paint a different picture of other perspectives outside of our fair Bears bubble. We’re not all set up there yet, but we’ll have a social media account for the podcast (Twitter) and link up on iTunes, Stitcher, BlogTalk, and more, so keep an eye out for that as well. And over time, we’ll likely branch out and do different editions of this as we see how it out plays out.

In the end, we want to create the best possible Bears and general nonsense as well as musings podcast possible. Or at least push for it.

And in the end, it’s all for you guys!

So with that in mind, while we’ll also do this primarily over Twitter, you’ll start seeing these kinds of mailbag posts consistently asking for your questions on literally anything Bears, other sports, or something random (as long as it’s generally appropriate) you want to discuss.

This is what we call the mailbag, so take advantage of it.

Shoot away in the comments below, or fire us a tweet using the hashtag #AskWCG to send us your questions and when we record, we’ll pick out our favorites and or ones that are especially relevant. That’s what we’re here for.

Jack will be my first co-host, so for example, you can always ask him about his player interviews like with everyone’s favorite all-time Bears legend, Patrick Mannelly. Or ask something completely off the hook and get to know us as we work with you.

Due to scheduling constraints this week, we won’t officially record until early next week as a prelude to the draft. But fire away below now as our introduction and give us time to sift through before we officially start and remember that we’ll have these regular calls for questions in the future. If you have any concerns or suggestions, please feel free to let us know as well.

I’m not going to lie here. I’m pretty excited for what’s to come with this podcast and a lot of what else we have going on behind the scenes for WCG very, very soon. I hope you are too.

WCG Contributors: Jeff Berckes; Kev H; Sam Householder; Ken Mitchell; Steven Schweickert; Jack Silverstein; EJ Snyder; Lester Wiltfong, Jr.; Robert Zeglinski; Like us on Facebook.