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Chicago Bears get Solomon Thomas in this media mock draft

NCAA Football: Pac-12 Media Day Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

With the Chicago Bears set to pick third in the 2017 NFL Draft, there aren’t very may directions that the two teams in front of the Bears could go. The Cleveland Browns pick first, followed by the San Francisco 49ers, and both have been mocked in just about every direction you can think of. How ever the top of the draft falls, the Bears will have their pick of a lot of quality football players.

Most believe the Browns are going with Texas A&M’s Myles Garrett. He is the consensus top pick and most would be surprised if he didn’t go #1 overall. SB Nation is tracking 72 different mock drafts, and of those 72, 98.6% have the Browns going with Garrett.

The ‘Niners at two are the wildcard for the Bears. They have as many needs as Chicago does, and they are being mocked in a few different directions. The most popular player being mocked to them is Stanford defensive end, Solomon Thomas, at 59.7%. Other draftniks have them going quarterback, safety, or something else. Some even think they may trade the pick.

I was recently asked to participate in a media mock draft by XTRA Sports Radio 1300 in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and I was able to represent the Chicago Bears.

Garrett, as expected went #1 to Cleveland, and a host of XTRAs sister station in San Francisco went with LSU safety Jamal Adams, which allowed me to go with Stanford’s Thomas at three overall.

You can give our segment a listen right here.

We actually discussed the Bears’ offseason so far before we got into the draft. We also talked about the Bears trading back or going with one of the quarterbacks, but ultimately, I was asked what I would do, and if I were making the call, I’d go with the top player on the board.

As far as what Chicago general manager Ryan Pace will do, I have no idea. I thought he was locked in on a quarterback at three overall, but I’m not so sure anymore.

Those 72 mock drafts that SB Nation is monitoring believe the Bears are going with Alabama defensive end Jonathan Allen.

Here’s my question for you guys today.

If the real draft fell like this at 1-2, who do you think Pace would take, and who would you take if you were GM?