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Chicago Bears: 2017 NFL Draft Open Thread

NFL Draft - Red Carpet Photo by Kena Krutsinger/Getty Images

After all of the speculation, after all of the mock drafts, and after a hit-or-miss free agency period, the Chicago Bears (along with every other NFL team) are on the brink of the 2017 Draft.

If nothing changes, the Bears will pick third tonight, with a long pause to follow. Of course, a trade back into the first is not out of the question. Still, for Chicago the first night of the draft is likely to be a single burst of hope followed by a lot of waiting.

Ryan Pace claims that the draft is how he wants to build this team. Will he manage to do it? Does he go offense or defense? Does he get a quarterback? His record has been hit or miss so far, but he has certainly shown improvement over his two years.

Long story short—this is an Open Thread to discuss the draft. What are your thoughts? How do you feel about things going into Thursday night?

As always, Open Thread responsibly.