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Where will Mitchell Trubisky fit on the Chicago Bears depth chart?

NFL Draft Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

I had a feeling the Chicago Bears would find some way to use their third pick in the 2017 NFL Draft to find their quarterback of the future, I just did not expect them to trade up to do so.

In fact, no one expected them to trade up from three to do so.

Mitchell Trubisky is joining a quarterback room with only one returning face, Connor Shaw, and he didn’t play a snap for the Bears last year. The 2017 depth chart will be completely different than it was in 2016.

Here’s my take on how things will shake out

QB1 - Mike Glennon - There’s no way a rookie, especially one coming from a spread offense at North Carolina, will be able to step in and beat out Glennon.

QB2 - Mitchell Trubisky - Here’s where this gets tricky, because even though I believe Trubisky will be the second string QB during the week, getting all the number two reps, he’s not going to be the guy going into the game if Glennon is injured. Not at first anyway.

The Bears have to groom their rookie, and getting him as many practice reps as possible is needed to do that.

QB2a - Mark Sanchez - If Glennon goes down early in the season, it’ll be Sanchez that comes in the game. He’s seven years into his career, with 72 starts under his belt, so he won’t need the weekly reps during the 2017 season to stay ready. If Glennon is hurt to the point he has to miss a week or more, then Sanchez will step into the #1 role for that week, with Trubisky still getting those #2 reps.

Once the rookie shows he has a competent grasp of the pro game, he’ll ascend to the #2 job. If at any point Trubisky shows that he’s capable of starting a game for the Chicago Bears, I see no reason why he’s not allowed to start. Yeah, Mike Glennon is making $14 million this season, but his salary after 2017 is that of a backup.

Practice Squad - Connor Shaw - I suppose there’s a chance Shaw beats out Sanchez, but I think it’s more likely that Sanchez sticks because he doesn’t need the practice reps a young player like Shaw would need. The Bears will probably try and stash him on the practice squad this season, then he’ll be in the mix for a backup job next year.

What are your thoughts on the 2017 QB depth chart for the Bears?