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Chicago Bears 2017 NFL Draft: Mitchell Trubisky Conference Call Transcript

NFL Draft Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

After the Chicago Bears shocked the NFL by moving up one spot in the 2017 NFL Draft to take Mitchell Trubisky, he had his conference call with the media.

I think it’s safe to say the majority of Bears’ fans were shocked as well, so it was good to see what Trubisky had to say, to hopefully start to sway some fans in his camp. If there’s one thing the Bears’ don’t need, is another “controversial” or “polarizing” quarterback.

Here’s his first press conference transcript as a member of the Chicago Bears.

When asked if he was surprised that the Bears moved up to draft him he said,

“I didn’t see that coming at all, it was a total surprise. I’m glad they came up and got me at number two. I think it shows that they believe in me and I believe in what Ryan Pace and Coach Fox are doing in Chicago and I can’t wait to be a part of it.”

A lot was made of Trubisky’s pre-draft contact with the Bears,

“I had one workout with them and after that it was pretty much silence so that’s why I was surprised to hear my name called because we didn’t have a lot of contact. But obviously they had done their research, was impressed with me at the combine and my workout, but I haven’t had a whole lot of contact with them so that makes it just so much more surprising.”

Did you realize the Bears didn’t call Trubisky before they picked him at two?

“No one called me actually so I didn’t think I was going to get picked. We were watching the TV and the commissioner said my name and me and my family just celebrated. It was a great moment to share with them and I can’t wait to go to work. I did talk to Ryan Pace and Coach Fox and I can’t wait to get to Chicago and get to work.”

He eventually did talk to General Manager Ryan Pace and Head Coach John Fox, a conversation we shared right here.

“I talked to them after I took some pictures with my family. All they said was they’re very excited and that they couldn’t call me while I was back in the room because they were going nuts in the war-room. I’m very excited to get to Chicago and get to work.”

But is he ready for the NFL?

“I feel like I’m prepared. Obviously I know I got a lot of work to do but I love to work hard, I love to grind. I can’t wait to get better and learn the offense.”

Its very likely that he sits behind QB Mike Glennon as a rookie, and Trubisky is OK with that.

“It is what it is. I’m going to come in and learn as much as I can from Mike and the other veterans on the team. I’m always going to compete and do my thing and push the guy in front of me and my teammates as well. But when I am given my opportunity I’m looking forward to take full advantage of it. It’s all about helping the Chicago Bears win and that’s what I’m looking forward to the most.”

Speaking of Glennon, he was asked what he knows of him, and if any Bears’ players have reached out to him yet.

“No, I haven’t heard from anybody yet. I’ve seen Mike play and I know he went to NC State, our rival school, so I’m sure we could talk about that a little bit. But I’m looking forward to working with Mike and the rest of my teammates in Chicago. Like I said, it’s all about helping the Chicago Bears win, so whatever we got to do, we’re going to do.”

Here’s what he said about only starting 13 games in college and if that means he’s not prepared for the NFL.

“I don’t think that’s true. I think I’ve had plenty of experience starting 13 (games), playing in 30. I’ve been around a lot of football. I was at North Carolina for four years. I showed I’m continually progressing and really I’m only just scratching the surface from this year. So I’m going to progress in my first year in Chicago as well and show Chicago what I can do. Work hard and stick to who I am.”

A lot of scouts question Trubisky on his ability to read defenses, because he ran so many run-pass options at North Carolina.

“Actually we didn’t run that may RPOs (run-pass-option) there. We did a lot more downfield passing, it just looks like RPOs in our offense. That’s I think a misconception that people have about North Carolina’s offense. It’s really a downfield passing game and there’s just a lot of decisions. Pretty much the whole offense and where the plays going to go, the decision-making process is quarterback. So everything was on me as the quarterback of the University of North Carolina and we really have a pro-style down-field passing attack. It’s just run out of the Shotgun and we like to disguise things as RPOs and runs to try and confuse defenses.”

Here’s what he said about the areas of his game that he needs to work on that were identified in the pre-draft process.

“I think a lot of teams were really impressed with how I handled this past season and all the adversity I went through when I wasn’t starting but ever since January I’ve been working on under center and that’s been a smooth transition for me since most of my snaps in college were shotgun. So the move under center has been very smooth. I think it’s helped me in my footwork and field consistency and I’ve also just continued to practice my long-ball. My game is just going to continue to get better-and-better and I’ve seen growth and improvement since January.”

He was asked what the Bears wanted to see from him when they put him through a private workout.

“I just went through the day as if I was a Bears quarterback, I guess. We did individual drills and then I threw routes to my receivers that were out there. Then we did some pocket movement stuff and some drop back down the field play action so I guess they just wanted to see how I was progressing in the center and if I could make all the NFL throws. So, I think they were impressed with the day I had.”

He had a pro-Packers tweet at some point, so he was asked if he’s still a fan of theirs.

“I was never a Packers fan. I don’t know what that tweet’s from, it was probably just one specific game. But no, I’m a Chicago Bear now so none of that matters.”

Good answer...

Is he the type of person that will demand to be the starter?

“I’m not really the guy to talk or say anything. I’m going to come in, work, and compete. That’s how you make your teammates better, and that’s how you make the other quarterbacks better. So, the best quarterback’s going to play. Whoever is going to help the Chicago Bears win is going to play and that’s what I’m all about. I’ll go in there, work, compete and make this team better.”

He was asked what his strengths are.

“I’d definitely say my accuracy and my ability to make all of the throws on the field, my decision-making and probably my poise and calmness. Aside from that, the things that you can’t measure: my love for the game, my passion for my teammates and my competitors, and the will to win. The things they can’t measure I think will define me and help separate me.”

And what team he thought was going to draft him.

“I had no idea. Going through this process I just told myself I’m not going to think anything, wherever I end up that’s where it’s meant to be. I’m just so glad it’s in Chicago and it’s going to be a great journey for me.”

Trubisky couldn’t crack the starting line up in college until 2016, so he was asked about that.

“Yeah, it was tough because it definitely felt like I earned the starting role and should’ve been the starter, but I found other ways to get better. I continued to push my teammates and support the guy in front of me. So, it just taught me a lot about patience and how to be an even better teammate when you’re not getting your opportunity to shine. I also try to take advantage of every new opportunity that comes my way. So, I don’t take anything for granted, every opportunity I’ll try to take full advantage of, and it’s all about getting better every day and progressing as a quarterback and as a person.”

Here’s what he said he learned from his quarterbacks coach at UNC.

“I think he just prepared me mentally for the game. How we talked about so many defenses and how he installed our offense, it just allowed me to pick up these other offenses that the NFL teams have gone over throughout the process. So just the way he taught me and everything I know up to this point, it just allowed me to pick up things quickly, and I think I have more background knowledge than a lot of guys that went through the process thanks to my quarterbacks coach.”

Have your thoughts on Trubisky softened at all after you’ve had the chance to sleep on it?