Of course! I got it! Mitchell Trubisky = Drew Brees!

I'm having an Ace Ventura, finkle is einhorn, einhorn is finkle moment today still thinking about this trade up selection. I haven't heard the pro comparison to Drew Brees in the media yet but I immediately figured out why Ryan Pace and company fell in love and pulled the trigger on Mitch last night. I believe I even heard a Drew name drop in Ryan Pace's presser last night. I've gone back and watched the the two in college games and I am seeing similarities... Moves around like him, quick release, accuracy of throws on balance and off, scanning the field well, scramble throws, clutch throws...etc. Drew has a bit more arm strength I would say but I can see why Pace got stars in his eyes studying Mitch. Whether or not Mitch becomes that level of greatness is a seemingly long shot and huge question mark but If he does, this than is an obviously fantastic thing for the Bears franchise. Is anybody else as optimistic as me or am i reaching with these silly thoughts? Obviously a lot of development is yet to take place, but here's to hoping that all of the Bears front office personnel's research, knowledge and rather large balls pays off.

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