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2017 NFL Draft: Bears Twitter reacts to pick

Twitter had the instant reaction to the Bears’ 2nd round pick

2017 NFL Draft Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The Bears had the 36th pick in the second round but immediately they began wheeling and dealing:

What did they get for it, you ask?

So Pace is making up for the first nights draft picks he gave up by getting back one of the fourths he gave up, a sixth and an extra fourth rounder for nine spots. Not bad.

Kyle Long is such a good team guy. He’d be cheerleading if the team drafted a double amputee:

And here’s the rundown from the official account:

And the pick is in! Tight end Adam Shaheen out of Ashland. Albert Breer had it well before the television:

And in case you aren’t a draftnik, you aren’t alone in wondering...

Wonder no more:

It’s starting to feel like it’s a pre-requisite that these TEs these days are former basketball players but here we are.

More reaction:

Of course not everyone is a fan:

Beat guys weigh in:

Once again Walter Football not a fan

But hey, this guy said what was on my mind

WCG writers react:

Let us know what you think of the pick in the comments below.