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Do you want the Chicago Bears on Hard Knocks?

NFL: Chicago Bears-Training Camp Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

Thanks to a rule change a few years ago, some teams no longer have a choice when it comes to being featured on HBO’s Hard Knocks. Any of the 32 NFL teams could volunteer for the documentary style, reality-TV show, but since that never happens, the league made some guidelines.

In order to be out of the running for a Hard Knocks’ selection, a team would need a to have just hired a new head coach, made the playoffs in the previous two years or have already appeared on the show in the last 10 years.

The Chicago Bears do not meet any of those three exclusionary points, therefore, they are one of eight teams that could be forced into doing the show.

The full list of eligible teams:

Baltimore Ravens

Chicago Bears

Cleveland Browns

Indianapolis Colts

New Orleans Saints

Philadelphia Eagles

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tennessee Titans

Bears chairman George McCaskey recently was quoted as saying that, “We wish that program all the success in the world,” and, “If we’re never on it, that’s just fine with us. Nothing new there.”

The 2017 version of the show kicks off on Tuesday, August 8, and I hope the Bears are picked.

I’d love to see the inner-workings of my favorite team, and don’t even bring that distraction B.S into the comment section. There are NFL cameras in and around the locker room and training camp every day anyway.

In other Hard Knocks’ news, it was recently announced by HBO Sports, NFL Media and NFL Films that an agreement was reached for a long term extension of the series.

"The Hard Knocks franchise continues to thrive as the preeminent sports reality series," said HBO Sports executive VP Peter Nelson, per "The partnership between HBO, the NFL and its teams, along with NFL Films, has consistently produced unrivaled and groundbreaking television programming. We are thrilled that HBO will remain the series' home."

What are your thoughts on the show, and on the possibility that the Bears could be picked?