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Sports Illustrated predicts the Chicago Bears will be the worst team in the NFL

NFL: Washington Redskins at Chicago Bears Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The bad news is, Sports Illustrated is predicting the 2017 Chicago Bears to be a league worst 2-14. The good news is, (well, not really good news, but more like, misery loves company type of news) they are also predicting the Cleveland Browns and San Francisco 49ers to also have only two wins.

The 2017 Bears will look much different than the team that went through a 3-13 record last year. The quarterback position has been turned over, the secondary has had a number of changes, Alshon Jeffery is gone, and their numerous injured players should mostly be ready to go for the opening of training camp.

Could these Bears actually regress during year three of the Ryan Pace rebuild? It’s certainly possible. I liken what the Bears are trying to do, with what the Oakland Raiders did in 2012. That was the year they hired Reggie McKenzie to be their new general manager, and their rebuild took five years before the team had a winning record. The Raiders won four games McKenzie’s first year, then four in 2013, followed by only three in 2014. Year four saw them win seven games, then last year they finally broke though behind their young talent, when they won 12 games.

So could this team only be a two win team next year? Yes, but I doubt it.

Here’s what SI had to say about the 2017 Bears.

Neither Mike Glennon nor Mitchell Trubisky nor an Alshon Jeffrey–less receiving corps will strike fear in anyone, and opponents won’t be afraid of throwing against the Bears when they have the ball. Chicago has finished in last place in the NFC North three years running, and it will probably be four in John Fox’s third year as coach. They have the misfortune of opening against Atlanta, Tampa Bay, Pittsburgh and Green Bay.

It’s a tough open for the Bears, but when you’re coming off a three win season, they’re all tough.

As much as people want to harp on the quarterback position, the engine of the 2017 Bears will be running back Jordan Howard and the run game. If they can establish the run, then this team can play ball control, play action football and hope the defensive upgrades can give the team a boost.

Do you guys see a two win team in Chicago next year?