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Mitchell Trubisky “is an almost perfect quarterback prospect”

NFL: Chicago Bears-Rookie Minicamp Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

By now we’ve all heard the pros and cons about the Chicago Bears huge draft day trade to move up one spot. They traded places with the San Francisco 49ers, moving from three to two, and they had to give up a third and a fourth round pick in that draft, plus a 2018 third to do so.

Josh already debunked that whole “the Bears overpaid!” narrative that popped up immediately after the trade went down, but the one thing that we may never know is if the Bears had to move up to ensure that they’d get Mitchell Trubisky.

The other thing that is in question, is just how good will Trubisky end up being, but we’ll eventually get a resolution on that one.

Yesterday, CSN Chicago’s John “Moon” Mullin, wrote up a Bears’ rookie minicamp recap, and I thought the most interesting thing he wrote, had nothing to do with the camp.

Mullin shared something from three of his sources — three NFL scouts — and all three talked about Trubisky.

Two AFC scouts revealed that they had the highest grade on Trubisky that they’d had on any quarterback over the past six years. That means: higher than Jameis Winston; higher than Marcus Mariota; higher than Cam Newton; higher than Russell Wilson; higher than Andrew Luck; higher than Derek Carr; higher than Carson Wentz.

Before the 2017 NFL Draft, many analysts claimed that this quarterback class was a bad one. Many thought that we’d have a QB free first round, but that obviously didn’t happen. Not only did we have three quarterbacks go in the first round, but three teams traded up in the first to ensure they got their guy. Those three quarterbacks all went in the top 12, which just goes to show you how different NFL draft boards are from those compiled by the analysts. Now I know that teams will often overdraft the QB position, but that’s because of the importance the position carries. Teams may overdraft them from time to time, but general managers also know if they trade up to do so, they are making a franchise altering statement.

This nugget from Mullin was interesting.

The evaluation of one NFC regional scouting team was that “Trubisky is an almost perfect quarterback prospect” and that 'the Bears should count their lucky stars he only started 13 games because if he was a two-year starter, he goes 1/1 [overall No. 1] without hesitation.”

From a physical standpoint, Trubisky has the skills, now we’ll have to wait and see if he can get his mind in tune with his body.

In case you guys missed this clip of NFL Insider Adam Schefter on the Mike and Mike show, it’s worth a listen.