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Check out these quick video clips of Mitchell Trubisky

North Carolina v Miami Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

I stumbled across this article from Josh Norris earlier today, and I shared it via my Twitter (@wiltfongjr), but I wanted to expose his work to a bigger Chicago Bears’ audience than that. Norris writes for Rotoworld and NBS Sports, where he specializes in the draft and fantasy football. He shared a bunch of clips from Bears’ number one draft pick, North Carolina QB Mitchell Trubisky, on that storify page, and it looked like he grabbed most of his clips from the always interesting Draft Breakdown.

If you want to get deeper into Trubisky’s tape, has a number of his full games available right here.

Norris highlighted a number of Trubisky’s plays, both good and bad, on his Twitter account (@JoshNorris), so I figured I’d share then here as well.

Check all these out and let us know if anything stands out in a positive way. Did anything make you say, “Oh no?” Did anything get you excited?

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