Pace, Trubisky and the 2016 draft

I can honestly say I was not one of those who groped and complained when Mr Pace give up a few mid rd picks to insure that he could get the best qb of the draft. Whether or not John Lynch used deceit to entice Pace to make the move is irrelevant in my mind. Pace clearly thought there was a distinct possibility that someone might be taking Mitch at 2 and he did the right thing. We are talking elite qb with tremendous upside and character, here and for those critics who think it's foolish to surrender those picks I say think again.

I firmly believe that had Trubisky and mahomes been in the 2016 draft that (Trubisky, Mahomes and Wentz) would have gone in the top 4. Yes, I'll repeat that, top 4. Goff would have fallen into the lower part of round 1 where he belonged.

Dont know what the sequence would have been, but remember Dallas most likely would have taken wentz had he been there at pick 4. I think all 3 (Mitch, Mahomes and Wentz) are all elite franchise type qb's and we got one now. Bears fans should be pumped up like never before. I applaud pace for not screwing around and potentially losing out on Trubisky who he clearly had as the #1 qb. I'd go so far as to say that had the Bears held the #1 pick overall, that pace would have and should have selected Trubisky there.

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