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The Chicago Bears best offseason move was...

NFL: Chicago Bears-Mitchell Trubisky Press Conference Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

So far, this has been a busy, busy, busy offseason for the Chicago Bears. From releasing players, to adding veteran free agents, to the shake up of the assistant coaches, to the exciting NFL Draft, to the undrafted free agency period, we’ve been racing to keep up with all the moves.

But if you’ve had it locked on Windy City Gridiron, then you haven’t missed a thing.

We’ve made it a priority to keep you, the Bears’ fan, abreast of every single move the team has made. And since you guys are all up in the Bears’ business, we want you guys to tell us what their best offseason move was.

Was it a vet free agent addition like Mike Glennon, Quintin Demps, Jaye Howard, or Kendall Wright?

Was it the aggressive trade to get their guy in the draft, Mitchell Trubisky?

Was it the decision to release Eddie Royal or another veteran player on the offensive side of the ball, that I won’t specifically name, just in case another ridiculous comment thread war breaks out amongst our members, and this way (since I didn’t name him) the angst can’t be traced back to me for enticing the hullabaloo?

*Sound off in the comment section and let us know what you think the Bears’ best offseason move was.

Here’s a list of Bears’ transactions from their website.

And here are all our articles on the Bears’ draft and free agency.

*Don’t give us your pick for the worst offseason move, I’ll ask that question later.