Reason To Be Slightly Less Angry About this Year's Draft

1. It is usually silly to determine someone is a first rounder after starting for just one year. You simply don't have enough tape with which to evaluate a player. Yes, The Bears just did that with a QB, but if the SEMTEX numbers are correct Trubisky has a 38% chance of being a good starting QB. That's not bad!

2. The Bears weren't a few corners away from being a winning team. If anything they needed to upgrade the following in '17 and '18 before being a winning team: WR, LT, 2 x CB, S, TE, QB. Three of those needs were addressed.

3. Last year the Bears were bottom 5 against deep passes as well as #1 wide receivers. Many of the early mocks for 2018 have 5 CBs going in round 1 as well as 3 Safeties. It is way too early to know who will end up as top 32 talent, but the early returns are good for corner as well as safety.

4. Next year there will be ample WR talent available in the draft. Some mocks show 7 going in round 1.

5. Ignoring the most pitifully under-talented positions until the end of a rebuild is a great way to keep your win record low and your draft picks early.

6. The best case scenario for Chicago wasn't going to be a winning season in 2017 anyway.

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