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Welcome our new writers!

Typing Can Be Hazardous Photo by Michael Smith/Newsmakers

As some of you may have noticed, Windy City Gridiron, as well as the entire SB Nation, received a fresh coat of paint. Our look has been tweaked a wee bit, but that’s not the only change taking place here at WCG.

I’d like to officially welcome three new writers into the family.

Andrew Link - You guys may know him by his former name, Ditka’s Pushbroom. Follow him on Twitter @BearsLink82

Patti Curl - Patti has been around these parts a bit, writing and commenting as opinionbear. Follow her on Twitter @OpinionBear

Jacob Infante - Jacob is a true WCG rookie, but he has plenty of experience writing about the Bears. Follow him on Twitter @jacobinfante24

Be on the lookout for their debut articles, which will all publish on Saturday, May 27th.

We’re glad to add these three new voices to the team!

These three aren’t the only changes taking place at WCG, please join me in congratulating Ken Mitchell and Robert Zeglinski as they join our Editorial staff!

Ken and Robert will join Kev H, Steven Schweickert, and myself, in keeping things running smoothly around here.

Be on the lookout for a few more changes as we continue our goal of making this the only place you need to go for your Chicago Bears fix.

We have one more change to announce. You may have noticed that it takes more than three “recs” to orange a comment now. I decided to up it to seven recs for two reasons. First, three seems too cheap. We’re having entire comment threads full of orange comments, so let’s make it more difficult to achieve the orange standard. And secondly, I picked seven as a nod to George Halas.

Bear Down.