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UPDATE: Cutler’s first broadcast will be a Bears game

Will the former Bears QB go from the field to the booth?

NFL: Chicago Bears at Dallas Cowboys Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Love him or hate him, the Chicago Bears’ former enigmatic quarterback is back in the news.

That’s right, Jay Cutler, with no teams returning his phone calls, may reportedly be looking to pull a Tony Romo: go straight from the field to the booth.

According to NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo, he has auditioned for one network and is exploring a football-related role.

ESPN’s Jeff Dickerson reports that Cutty talked with FOX about replacing John Lynch.

While many will point to his perceived apathetic attitude and the old “DON’T CARE” memes, he might actually be very, very good in the booth.

If anyone remembers his old Jay Cutler Show on ESPN 1000 radio in Chicago, he actually is very engaging, especially when he didn’t have to talk about himself or the underachieving team.

Personally, I always thought that if he left the game he’d go back down to Nashville and end up hosting a country music show on the radio and just spin tunes and drop Vanderbilt analysis once in a while.

In any event, I think he’d be pretty good and entertaining in the booth. He might even be a Bears homer since he still has a lot of friends on the team and always seemed to respect George McCaskey.

Plus, who wouldn’t want to hear him call a Gaints game with former bro-mate Brandon Marshall or a Patriots game with offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels?

My colleague Josh Sunderbruch also pointed out “We’ve often wondered ‘what was he thinking’ and now we’d know.”

While I continue to be a Cutler fan and would like to see him get one last shot in the NFL, I’d also watch him in the booth. He at least wouldn’t be getting beat up and sacked up there.

Do you think Cutler would be a good broadcaster? Would he be a homer or a hater for his former team?


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