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Was it really Trubisky or nothing among the rookie QBs for the Chicago Bears?

NFL: Chicago Bears-Mitchell Trubisky Press Conference Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

Before the 2017 NFL Draft, most Chicago Bears’ fans assumed they were going to take a quarterback at some point. If it wasn’t going to be an early first round guy, then they’d definitely trade back into the 1st to ensure they’d get a rookie with that fifth year option.

Other fans figured that there wasn’t any quarterbacks worthy of a first round pick this year, and were content with the notion of waiting on a guy that fell to them in the second round.

And others figured the Bears would stock up on some defensive talent early, then get a QB to work in their system in the mid rounds. But there was no way that Chicago general manager, Ryan Pace, would pass on the most important position in football for a third consecutive year. Would he?


If we’re to believe the MMQB’s Albert Breer, then that’s exactly what could have happened had the Bears not figured out how to draft Mitchell Trubisky.

From his May 4th column.

“As I understand it, Trubisky wasn’t just the top-rated quarterback on the Bears’ board—there was no close second, and they weren’t going to take a QB if he’d gone first overall to Cleveland.”

So if Trubisky was gone, Chicago would have been content to ride into the future with Mike Glennon, Mark Sanchez and Connor Shaw at the quarterback position. I know some of you guys are thinking about what could have been, with Myles Garrett or Solomon Thomas in the Navy and Orange.

Breer continued,

“After vetting all the quarterbacks, the Bears brass believed Trubisky was the most athletic and the most accurate and carried the most upside of any of this year’s prospects. And as for the fact that Trubisky has only started 13 games, the conclusion the Bears came to mirrored what the North Carolina coaches told a lot of teams—politics played into the Ohioan spending three seasons on the bench. Marquise Williams, the Heels’ starter in 2014 and ’15, was an outstanding leader and hails from a Charlotte high school that’s a recruiting hotbed for ACC schools, and those sorts of things matter within a college program.”

For those of you that have had any type of close, personal interaction with college football, you know that politics is a real thing.

Time will tell how the story will be written in the Tales of Trubisky, so for now we wait.

But we won’t have to wait for long, as rookie minicamp kicks off in six days.

What do you guys think about Breer’s story?