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Photo Caption Extravaganza: Tom Crabtree is most likely to...

Green Bay Packers 2011 Headshots Photo by NFL via Getty Images

In case you missed it, former Chicago Bears’ quarterback, Jay Cutler, is kind of retiring and joining the announce team at FOX Sports. As is the case every time Cutler is in the news, people want to make jokes. And since we’re talking about the polarizing Jay Cutler, it’s not just fans that feel the need to be funny, but former players as well.

Tom Crabtree, an ex Packer from 2010 to 2012, felt the need to take a shot via his Twitter, when he tweeted the following cryptic message, “wIsh jay cutler NoThINg buT the best IN his broadcasTing career.“

We see what you did there.

His upper case letters all spell out INT, INT, and INT, which is short for interception.

Good one Tom.

It no doubt garnered him a lot attention and I’m sure it riled up a lot of Bears’ fans. But since I don’t know the guy personally, I’ll assume he’s not a tool, and he was just having a little fun.

Much like the fun we’ll have today in out latest Photo Caption contest!

So in the good-natured spirit of the classic Jimmy Fallon Superlatives bit, let’s have a little fun with the head shots of one, Thomas Louis Crabtree.

First off, in case you’re not sure what we’re doing, here’s one of Fallon’s recent clips.

Now on to the fun!

Green Bay Packers 2011 Headshots
Tom Crabtree
Photo by NFL via Getty Images

Most likely to spend his evening out in skinny jeans and a medium Ed Hardy t-shirt.

Green Bay Packers 2010 Headshots
Tom Crabtree
Photo by NFL via Getty Images

Most likely to replace leg day at the gym, with neck day.

Kansas City Chiefs 2009 Headshots
Tom Crabtree

Most likely to exchange hair care secrets with Clay Matthews.

Now it’s your turn!

Be sure to rec your favorites and the winner may receive (but probably not) a peppermint!

The winner will, however, be crowned the reigning WCG Photo Caption Extravaganza Champion!