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Cameron Meredith out until camp with thumb injury

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The Bears most-proven WR is out with a thumb ligament until July

Chicago Bears v Detroit Lions Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

The Bears had a long list of injuries last season that robbed them of young player development and veteran talent.

Any hope that the Bears would be able to hit the offseason and come into 2017 healthy and ready to get after the NFL are already dwindling.

After Kevin White gave another health scare with a missed practice and then word earlier this week that Mark Sanchez would miss the remainder of the offseason program with a knee injury, today came a blow to the unproven wide receiver corps:

The Bears returning receiving yards leader, Cameron Meredith, is out with a thumb injury until training camp. Meredith had 66 receptions for 888 yards and 4 touchdowns a season ago.

Yes, missing some workouts in shorts probably isn’t a big deal, but this has been an issue for the past two years and if the team can’t stay healthy in May, how healthy will they be come September?

What is your level of concern with Meredith’s injury?