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Ten Thoughts on the NFL

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Doug Williams

1) This time of year in the NFL, every little thing is over-reported, so I wonder how the Boston media will tackle the reports of Jimmy Garoppolo being injured?

Right now it’s just a minor thing that is keeping him out, but if it lingers through training camp, I could see it getting the full court press.

2) One more Patriots thought.

I like the 283 diamond thing they did on their latest Super Bowl ring. I don’t look at it as them trolling the Atlanta Falcons for blowing a 28-3 lead, I look at it as them proud to remember coming back from a 28-3 defect.

And by the way, the word “trolling” is my pick for most overused word of 2017 so far.

3) Was the injury to Andrew Luck supposed to linger this long?

I don’t recall seeing much made of Luck missing time this offseason for the Indianapolis Colts. He hasn’t started to throw after having shoulder surgery in January, and there isn’t even a time table for him to get back on the field.

I wonder if this continues to drag on, will they look to one of the free agent or recently retired quarterbacks that are out there?

4) I was always a fan of quarterback Doug Williams back in the day, and now he’s running the Washington Redskins as their senior vice president of player personnel.

5) I’m on record in saying I’m not expecting much from Adrian Peterson, now that he’s on the New Orleans Saints, but his new teammates have been praising him.

"He's a stud, man. He looks the part," Saints quarterback Drew Brees said.

Saints left tackle Terron Armstead added: "I'm amazed, honestly. Seeing him just take off his first few steps are as explosive as I've ever seen by a human being. It's unbelievable. I'm very excited to see him when the pads come on."

And here's Saints safety Kenny Vaccaro: "It's ridiculous. He has not lost any steps. Wait, just watch. He's so explosive ... just in flat shoes out there."

Maybe Peterson is the X-Factor the Saints need to get back to the Super Bowl.

6) The Dallas Cowboys will wear their “road” uniforms at home more often in 2017. I say road, because Dallas usually wears their dark jerseys on the road while wearing their white jerseys at home.

It’s not just a marketing thing, because back in the day the Cowboys preferred to wear white under the hot Texas sun, while making the visitors wear their darker jerseys. These days, the Cowboys play in a state of the art facility with a retractable roof, so the heat isn’t a factor.

7) This is crazy.

At some point, the New York Jets have to realize they’re just wasting valuable practice reps for other QBs on their roster.

You can count me in among the people that thought Christian Hackenberg would be a decent pro after his time at Penn State. I was wrong.

8) Michael Vick retired as a member of the Atlanta Falcons on Monday, and The Falcoholic’s and SB Nation’s Jeanna Thomas, is glad he did.

Vick was one of favorite players to watch during the early 2000s, but he made a horrible mistake; a mistake that landed him in prison. Vick lost two years from the NFL while locked up, but he did his time, and since his release, he’s been a changed man working as a vocal “advocate for animal welfare,” writes Thomas. “He also speaks to children to help them understand the importance of making good choices, and the consequences of bad ones.”

The Falcons received a petition of nearly 40,000 signatures to get the team to cancel yesterday’s retirement ceremony.

9) This is sad...

Come on Bears’ fans, go get a Jordan Howard or Kyle Long jersey.

10) Last week, Bucky Brooks of gave his best-case/worst-case scenarios for notable offensive rookies. Here’s his take on the Bears’ Mitchell Trubisky.

Best-case scenario: Despite trading up and spending the No. 2 overall pick on a quarterback, the Bears would love to keep Trubisky on the sidelines for at least a season before handing him the keys to the offense. If Mike Glennon can win a few games as the team's "bridge" quarterback, Trubisky can work on his game on the practice field and make a run at the job with a strong preseason performance in 2018.

The ultimate best case scenario would be for Glennon to be so good, that another team offers a boatload of draft picks for him next offseason.

Worst-case scenario: Bears fans might want to see their prized pick take the field in 2017, but the rookie would likely struggle due to his limited experience (only 13 collegiate starts) and a weak supporting cast. Although he has the raw talent to win the job from Glennon during the season, the Bears would be wise to stick to a slow development plan for their future QB1. After all, this team doesn't appear to be poised for big things in 2017. Rushing Trubisky into the lineup probably wouldn't do much to help the present -- and could severely affect the future.

I’ve never subscribed to the theory that you’ll ruin a player by playing them too early. Once Trubisky has a mastery of the offense and practices better than Glennon, play him. If you play a rookie and he crumbles from the pressure, then you picked the wrong guy.

Mentally strong players will overcome the adversity and learn from it. It’s OK to fail, you just have to get up and push forward.

Projected stats: N/A (I expect Chicago to show restraint and allow Trubisky to spend Year 1 refining his game on the practice field.).

Even if Glennon is playing lights out, the Bears will find somewhere to get Trubisky some reps.