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Jeff Fisher: The next coach of the Chicago Bears?

Bleacher Report’s Matt Miller did some speculating regarding who the Bears’ next head coach will be.

Atlanta Falcons v Los Angeles Rams
Could Jeff Fisher be the Chicago Bears’ next head coach?
Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images

Barring a major turnaround, it’s highly unlikely that John Fox will stay on as the head coach of the Chicago Bears next year.

Fox’s Bears have a combined record of 9-23 over the past two seasons. And judging by the shape of their current roster, it looks like a rebound season will be a major challenge. With Fox’s job status up in the air, it’s only natural that fans and the media speculate on possible replacements.

In the latest edition of his Scouting Notebook, Bleacher Report's Matt Miller mentioned that Fox could possibly be out of Chicago next year.

He brought up Bob Stoops as a possible replacement, as the former Oklahoma coach recently bought property in Chicago. It's the other option, however, that will raise a lot of eyebrows.

Miller mentioned former Los Angeles Rams coach Jeff Fisher as an option for the Bears’ head coaching gig. He had this to say regarding the possibility:

Fisher played for the Bears and spent one season there as a coaching assistant in 1985. It's too soon to say Fox is done after only two seasons on the job, but if he's out, these are two names I expect to be linked to that job.

Fisher was fired as the Rams’ coach in the middle of the season after a disappointing 4-9 start. He has not topped 8-8 since 2008, but he does have a proven track record of being able to lead a playoff team.

Keep in mind that this job linkage is purely speculation at this point. Nothing up to this point has proven that the Bears are legitimately interested in Fisher. While it would be an interesting fit to see a former player return to coach his old team, it's highly unlikely that the Bears will hire Fisher if they choose to fire Fox.

What do you think about this rumor? Should the Bears really go after Jeff Fisher as their next head coach? Let us know in the comments below.