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Pro Football Focus had the worst infographic in the history of infographics

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Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

First off, we just learned what an 'infographic' was, and this was after finally figuring out what the heck a "meme" was. I heard the kids in the neighborhood talking about this meme and that meme, so I had Google it. We're still confused on the difference in the two, so maybe this rant is really a rant about memes? We don't know. But we shall rant away none the less.

Pro Football Focus shared the worst infographic in the history of infographics, when they shared this travesty of an infographic (or meme) right here.

Dallas' Ezekiel Elliott had a fine rookie season, but how in the Navy Blue Hell, is he the focus of that Tweet? (FYI, we aren't on the Twitter, but the fact that we know what Twitter is now, is a step in the right direction for us.) The only rationale that we can come up with, was that the guys over at PFF were hacked by someone at PF Changs, because they sure as Hell had zero Focus in constructing that infographic (or meme?).

If Elliot's rookie year is impressive, then what would one call the rookie season form our very own rookie, Pro Bowl sensation? A player with the first name that is the same as the last name of a Chicago Legend, and the last name that is the name of the station on the Red Line that Todd takes to visit his Aunt Agnes.

What would one call the season from a player that ended up with a higher "yards between the tackles" than that fella from the Cowboys?

If that Cowboy's feat was so impressive, then what's better than impressive?

Super Duper?

The adjective we choose is actually less important than the proper noun used as the subject in that sentence in the above Tweet. They clearly got it wrong, because the subject in that Tweet up there should have been Jordan Howard.

This is what that PFF Tweet should have read.

During his Kick-Ass rookie year, Jordan Howard, a 5th round 2016 draft pick of the greatest team on the Planet, the Chicago Bears, ran for more yards between the tackles than the entire frigging National Football League, including the first running back picked in the same draft. Suck it Cowboys!

That all would fit on a Tweet, right?