Titans' fan here,

What are you guy's opinions and expectations for Kendall Wright? Curious.

Anyways, I have mad respect for Kendall Wright. Despite his comments in a interview, I understand he is frustrated with the scheme fit during his last few years with the Titans underneath Ken W and Mike M. The main reason Kendall never saw the field as much as Rishard Matthews, Tajae Sharpe, and company is due to his stubbornness to follow the appropriate routes in the book.

Obviously the guy can ball at his respected position, but he must grow and adapt with the play book and his fellow offensive members. I want the best for Wright, just hope he can step a forward which he lacked the previous season. In addition, with the newest members being added to the Titans WR core I still wish we kept him one more year, but business I'd business and his production wasn't a part on our offense.

Personally, I hope he grows and blooms in a new offense in Chicago. Only been to Chicago once when the annual Lego convention, Brick World, was going on for the weekend. Chicago is a nice city and the pier is very fun to explore!

Please leave your comments below and I would like to see any feedback, all forms of feedback is acceptable! Peace guys! Have a tremendous day! I'll be traveling via plane to California soon in an hour.

TitanUp and Grit&Grind!!

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