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WCG Radio, Episode 4: The dark Bears off-season

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The Bears head into their ho-hum summer break and have plenty of questions to answer once training camp in Bourbonnais rolls around.

NFL: Chicago Bears at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

What’s that sound you hear?

Why that’s the peace and quiet of the darkest, most uneventful part of the NFL off-season. This summer break has no draft coverage, no hype over free agency, no news on the field. Players, coaches, executives, and fans alike now have an opportunity to truly decompress before the grind of training camp as well as the lengthy regular season rolls around. This is the time of year where almost no real concrete news of any kind comes out about the Chicago Bears and all other 31 NFL teams.

And yet, even as the Bears have their off-season program wrapped up while already well into their deserved break, there’s still plenty to discuss and break down about questions concerning the franchise going into the 2017 season. Even while the NFL lies dormant for now, like many volcanoes, it never sleeps for good.

On that note, Lester and I break down who stood out from the Bears’ organized team activities and mini-camp, discuss the potential of sophomore slumps for core Chicago players, debunk coaching “rumors”, and more in a jam-packed episode of WCG Radio. (Player link here)

This week on WCG Radio

  • What specific individual Bears stood out the most to the guys coming out of mini-camp? Which young players are poised for a big role?
  • The topic of sophomore slumps in the NFL is a contentious one. For the Bears’ 2016 core trio of Leonard Floyd, Jordan Howard, and Cody Whitehair, it’s certainly a possibility that they might suffer one. Why the Bears have no reason to worry (and why they do in playing devil’s advocate).
  • Discussing “rampant” coaching “rumors” and the possibility of Jeff Fisher making a comeback in Chicago as a head coach. Why do we source these reports and purely hypothetically, what would Fisher look like coaching the Bears?
  • In a callback to the 30-Day challenge, what is one player in their history (modern or past) that the guys wish the Bears would have drafted? Taking apart the argument in a vacuum of successful quarterbacks working out in Chicago (Joe Montana, Aaron Rodgers).
  • A lengthy game of over and under for relevant Bears, their projected statistics, and potential theatrics from non-players. Tying up the roster and expectations together.
  • What sticks out about the Bears’ 2017 special teams unit? How will the return game change? Do they need a bit of improvement?
  • Gauging proper calculations of what needs to be seen from the Bears this year. Not a nihilistic view at all, to be sure.

Robert Zeglinski is the Bears beat writer for the Rock River Times and is an editor for Windy City Gridiron. Lester Wiltfong Jr. is the editor-in-chief of Windy City Gridiron. You can follow them both on Twitter @RobertZeglinski and @wiltfongjr.