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30 Day Challenge: All time favorite Bears defensive back

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Every day in the month of June we'll ask a different Chicago Bears related question to our readers. Make sure you guys participate the entire month so we can all get to know the WCG community a little better. Today, my all time favorite defensive back.

St. Louis Rams v Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The Chicago Bears have a rich tradition of quality defensive backs throughout their long history. From two-way, Hall of Fame players like Sid Luckman (1939-1950) and George McAfee (1940-1950), who had 17 and 25 interceptions respectively, on to Pro Bowlers Richie Petitbon (1959-1968), Roosevelt Taylor (1961-1969), Gary Fencik (1976-1987), Donnell Woolford (1989-1996), Mark Carrier (1990-1996), and Mike Brown (2000-2008), just to name a few.

Not to mention the fan favorites that have donned the Navy and Orange, like Doug Plank, Jerry Azumah and Chris Harris.

My Bears’ fandom stretches back to the 1980s, so that’s where I’ll pull inspiration from for my all time favorite Chicago defensive back. There were a few really outstanding players I’ve had the chance to see play, but for me, my favorite Bears’ DB to watch was also the best Bears’ DB I watched: Charles Tillman.

His numbers speak for themselves. If you were to look solely at the stats, you’d assume he’s heading for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. But early in his career, “Peanut” was underappreciated by the media and fans alike.

He didn’t make his first Pro Bowl until his ninth year in the league and he only made two in his career. Some thought he was a system player, only thriving because of his fit in the Tampa 2, but you can’t hold that against him. While his size, physicality and instincts, made him perfect fit for Lovie Smith’s zone based defense, he also was above average when asked to lock down on a wide out one on one. Tillman would have thrived in any system because he had the right attitude and work ethic to succeed.

For as great as Tillman was on the field, he’s equally as great off it. He won the 2014 NFL Man of the Year. He’s very active in promoting the United State’s Armed Forces and his Cornerstone Foundation has helped “thousands of critically and chronically ill children and their families.”

Now it’s your turn. Who is your all time favorite Chicago Bears’ defensive back?