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Kevin White not worried about injury history, talks relationships with QBs

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Despite missing ample time over the past two seasons, Chicago Bears wide receiver Kevin White is not worried about his injuries.

Chicago Bears wide receiver Kevin White is ready to prove the doubters wrong.
Jacob Infante- Windy City Gridiron

A lot of Chicago Bears fans have already started counting out former first-round pick Kevin White. After only playing four games in two seasons, they seem to be growing concerned about how his injuries will affect his play.

White, however, isn't worried in the slightest.

In a meeting with the press Saturday morning at Wheaton-Warrenville South High School, the wide receiver showed a fairly nonchalant approach towards his injury history.

“I’m not really worried about any injuries,” he said. “I’m just trying to take care of my body and do what I have to do to be on the field to produce and to help my team win. That's all I want to do, is to play the game, have fun and whatever happens, happens. Injuries are out of athletes' control; that's just the name of the game sometimes."

The Bears have had an extreme overturn at the quarterback position. Jay Cutler, Brian Hoyer and Matt Barkley are all gone. Mitch Trubisky, Mike Glennon and Mark Sanchez are all stepping in in their place. In fact, only one quarterback that was on the preseason roster last year - Connor Shaw - is still on the team. White discussed how he has been building relationships with the new signal-callers, Trubisky and Glennon is particular.

"Me and Mitch talk a good bit. (I) send him a couple of text messages, just telling him that, if he needs help with anything...just with experience, pressure and things that people expect, I try to teach him how to handle it a little bit."

He then went on to say that the relationship between Chicago's wide receivers and quarterbacks as a whole are strong. "Everyone has a great relationship with the quarterbacks; it's been great so far."

White also has a great relationship with Glennon. “Mike’s a great guy," he said. "(when) we talk, it's not always about football. It can be about life, his past experiences with Tampa Bay."

The former West Virginia wideout then went on to praise Glennon's style of play. "He has a great arm, he's very smart - all of the quarterbacks are - so I'm just excited."

White enters his third season in the pros with a bit of a chip on his shoulder. If he has anything to say about it, then this season will be the year he proves all of the doubters wrong.