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Ten Thoughts on the NFL

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NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Denver Broncos Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

*1) The Seattle Seahwaks were reported to be interested in signing quarterback Colin Kaepernick, but they went with Austin Davis instead.

Davis didn’t play a snap last year for the Broncos, but he did start two of three games in 2015, and he threw one TD pass and three interceptions for the Browns that year. His big action came in 2014, when he started 8 games for the Rams, compiling an 85.1 passer rating, with 12 TDs and 9 Ints.

The 28 year old Davis doesn’t bring upside to the table, he doesn’t bring a better pedigree, he doesn’t even bring good odds to beat out Trevone Boykin for the opportunity to back up starting quarterback Russell Wilson. What he does bring is zero controversy.

Seattle head coach Pete Carroll called Kaepernick a starter in the NFL, but the Seahawks would rather take a less talented player on their team, than deal with off field drama.

NFL owners don’t want to deal with a public relations backlash that signing a controversial player would bring, and NFL head coaches don’t want to deal with any potential distractions to their football team.

And you know what, that’s their prerogative.

There are no football reasons that Colin Kaepernick can’t find an NFL job, and he’s not pricing himself out of a team’s budget. Everyone knows why he can’t get a contract offer.

*I know this topic is a tricky one to discuss and stay within the WCG Guidelines, so I’ll share my comment form last month when asked how to go about it.

It is football related, so it's one of those gray areas...

As long as we’re all mature adults and this doesn’t end up in a name calling argument, we should be OK to proceed down the Kaepernick path.

He made a choice to silently protest something he believed it. Whether we agree with his views or not, he had a right to do it. Plenty of people in all walks of life have defended him, while others have chastised him. He said it was something he would no longer do, as he feels he made his point.

Discuss this in an intelligent manner, or focus on one of my other Thoughts this week.

2) ESPN got rid of another well known NFL reporter last week, when John Clayton was informed he was laid off. Many on social media took to his defense and immediately started bashing ESPN.

You know... I don’t get it. People are fired all the time for dumb reasons or for no reasons. Unless you have a personnel connection with Clayton, like you’re a friend or a colleague, why does it ruffle your feathers to see him, or any other media personality, let go?

3) This isn’t much of a fight.

That’s Rex and Rob Ryan, twin sons of legendary Chicago Bears’ defensive coordinator Buddy Ryan, getting into a wee scuffle.

The person who originally shared the video above, Jessica Marie, gave her eyewitness report on what started the tension on “I was just about to go over and tap Rex Ryan on the shoulder when all of the sudden this kid like came up to them and threw a drink in Rex’s face!”

If true, and some random jackass threw a drink in Rex’s face for no reason, then it’s too bad Rex didn’t finish him.

4) There was another scuffle over the weekend, as Darron Lee, linebacker for the New York Jets, was involved in some kind of dispute with a woman at the Governor's Ball Music Festival in New York City. Lee’s teammate, defensive end Leonard Williams, put an end to the ruckus.

That entire Twitter thread by @gunnerpunner is an interesting firsthand account on the altercation. The Jets will look into the details of the incident and the NFL may do the same.

5) JJ Watt made the NFL Top 100 player list, then bashed the list.

Baltimore’s Eric Weddle, agreed that the list is a joke, and his Ravens’ teamamte, Tony Jefferson, said he put his own name down on every slot when asked to vote.

It’s clear the NFL players don’t give a rat’s ass about the NFL Network’s Top 100; these three aren’t the only players that have had disparaging things to say about the list. But as long as the list remains a popular topic in the offseason, they’ll continue to produce it.

6) Not technically NFL related, but this is going to be interesting.

7) While it’s neat seeing Marshawn Lynch doing this for the Raiders...

This is an OTA, so it’s more a walk through than a live practice. In fact, there is no live contact allowed per the offseason rules spelled out in the CBA. I wonder if the NFL will take a closer look at the contact taking place at these Raider practices?

8) I’m not entirely sure what’s going on in this clip, but the Tennessee Titans are having a lot of fun.

9) This is silly.

You show me a general manager that drafts players based on who the fans want, and I’ll show you an unemployed GM.

10) Yesterday, ESPN Insider gave their biggest upcoming roster decision for all 32 NFL teams. It was behind a pay wall, so I’ll only share what they said about the Bears. As soon as I saw the heading, “Utilizing the quarterback assets,” I feared another tired and unresearched take on Chicago’s QBs, but I was surprised it wasn’t a regurgitation of the doom and gloom we’ve been reading from the national guys the last month.

It befuddled many to see the Bears give Mike Glennon $18.5 million guaranteed in free agency, then draft Mitchell Trubisky second overall (while sending three picks to San Francisco to move up one spot). I was part of that group. In a way, however, the Bears have sensibly collected two assets at a key position.

So far so good.

I think most of us were taken aback on both acquisitions at first.

If Glennon plays well enough to hold off Trubisky for all of 2017, he's a valuable trade chip next offseason. If he struggles sooner rather than later, Trubisky can take over as the starter without the pressure of being the starter on day one, and the team would only owe Glennon $3.5 million in 2018 and beyond. Chicago has the ability to leverage the position while eventually turning the team over to the player it hopes is its franchise centerpiece for the next decade.

That upfront cash to Glennon is the saving grace in my opinion. Did they overpay? Probably, but Ryan Pace came in with a competitive starting salary for the guy he pegged as his starter. The Trubisky thing just kind of happened to work out for them when the Browns went with Myles Garrett with the first overall pick.

10a) I’ll be glad when we can stop discussing Chicago’s QB situation like this.