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WCG Radio, Episode 1: Quarterbacks galore!

Mike Glennon doesn’t seem happy. Mitchell Trubisky is ready to compete. While Jay Cutler is basking in retirement. Quarterbacks, quarterbacks, and more quarterbacks.

A dynamic Bears quarterback room leads off the first episode of WCG radio.
Chicago Tribune

Beyond any defensive headlines of late, there doesn’t appear to be a more compelling Chicago Bears storyline than what’s currently going on in their quarterback room. As OTA’s come to a close for the Bears, never has the position seemed more contentious or have more behind-the-scenes work behind it.

The 2017 NFL Draft in selecting Mitchell Trubisky after signing Mike Glennon at No. 2 overall was a mere starting point to this possible powder keg. All of this is happening while former quarterback Jay Cutler gets to ride off peacefully in the sunset, until he broadcasts games with no shame. There is lots of intrigue as to the men under center for the Bears right now, as it should be with no established starter.

We also (partly) load up the mailbag and talk deep-dish pizza. A heated debate around these parts, while we merely try to appreciate the art form.

Enjoy Jack and I as we wax poetically (and lament) the Bears’ quarterback situation, folks. (Full player link here.)

This week on WCG Radio

  • Hello there! Introductions, greetings, and all that hoopla.
  • Mike Glennon and the situation in front of him after signing with the Bears. What’s his future with Chicago? What scenarios are in play for him to not start?
  • Mitchell Trubisky and how he’ll have to succeed with the Bears. What’s the ideal development plan? Does he have the right mindset? Can a divisive quarterback room change him for the worse or better?
  • Discussing other draft scenarios and potential hindsight such as Deshaun Watson. Cues up Rick Astley
  • Properly eulogizing the Jay Cutler era as he enters broadcasting with FOX. Favorite and worst memories? How do we see him working out on TV?
  • Short mailbag on two completely related topics: John Fox and pizza.

Robert Zeglinski is the Bears beat writer for the Rock River Times and an editor for Windy City Gridiron. Jack Silverstein is a sports historian and the Bears historian for Windy City Gridiron. You can follow them on Twitter @RobertZeglinski and @readjack.