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Chicago Bears’ Jordan Howard is #81 on CBS Sports’ Top 100 of 2017

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Chicago Bears v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The Chicago Bears may have been shut out on that other Top 100 NFL player list, the list that the players vote on, but don’t really take seriously. The list where the players either just vote for themselves, or vote for their teammates, or don’t bother voting at all, has become a big talking point every offseason, but I think the NFL Network list has jumped the shark.

Before it was players complaining that they didn’t make that list, now players are wondering why they made it.

As with all subjective lists, there will be plenty to discuss, but I tend to give a little more credence to a list when I know it’s taken more seriously. Pete Prisco, of CBS Sports, has been constructing his own list for while now. It’s similar to the NFL Network’s, as it ranks the top 100 players in the NFL, but his has a bot more turnover. I’d imagine, that’s because he actually tries to get his list right. From last year, to this year, there are 38 players that fell off. One reason for the turnover, obviously, are different players making an impact. One such new player is the Chicago Bears’ Jordan Howard, who checks in at #81.

He finished second in the league in rushing behind a so-so line and without much help from the passing game. The most impressive thing about his rookie year was his 5.2 yards per rush average.

Howard had a fine rookie season, and it was done with opposing teams primarily bringing an extra man in the box to slow him down. Like Prisco said, the passing game wasn’t very good last year. The offensive line, with three new starters week one, took a little while to gel, then there were a few injuries along the line the Bears had to deal with.

If they can get some solid, heady quarterback play, 2017 is setting up to be another good year for Chicago’s second year tailback.