Just my thoughts

First I loved the draft. Secondly I don't think Pace lost it as to how this will play out.
Glennon is and was never the answer. And I'm not saying that he won't get it done for us, however the Bears were looking for more. And that is what they found. To suggest that the Bears went over the top I think is a far overreach.
Beyond the dollars let us say Glennon puts together a great year. The Bears now at this point would have heir apparent that watched and learned for a year and gained knowledge. The Bears also get some built in trade bait. This works theoretically if Glennon does the hard work Trubinsky does clean up yet shows enough promise to dangle Glennon on the market.
If Glennon bombs "which I don't think he will" then you start your rookie and hold on for the ride. Which of course will let out cries of FIRE everyone including the MASCOT and hire Urlacher as your next coach "DO NOT DO THIS"
I really dug into Trubinsky and like what I read and reviewed. I think he will have a tough ride if thrown in,however I also believe that he will not bomb in fact he seems to operate very well under pressure. And the fans need to give him a shot. My only concern is the receiving corps.
I believe Pace got this right and that Chicago will benefit by this. My hope is that Glennon puts a great campaign together and we get to see bits and pieces of Trubinsky that will tell us he is the future. And realistically it didn't hurt some QB'S that are playing HOF football to sit behind others and watch and learn. One of which resides in Green Bay.
Lastly I love Urlacher yet he is not helping his former team by bringing up yesterday news. LOVIE was a good coach and he had a good record,but he was not a GREAT COACH. He was a system coach who couldn't get the offense moving,the reality is Chicago offense has for quite sometime stunk! And the Demise of the defense was not far behind. Last year's defense wasn't stellar yet it showed signs of life towards the end,and you don't help a defense when you keep going three and out.
Keep being objective I for one like it. And NO I didn't throw the pencils I sharpened them and started redoing my fantasy line up with Glennon, Trubinsky ,Howard, Shaheen and the Bears defense.
See you all in trophy land in January.


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