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Who would the Chicago Bears pick if every QB was available in a draft?

NFL: Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

This will probably piss off a few of our friends over at Pride Of Detroit, then again, the Detroit Lions ended up in a good quarterbacking place in this fun exercise from SB Nation’s Adam Sites.

What if every NFL quarterback was available in a draft?

Sites ran through a quarterback only mock draft and there were a few head-scratchers...

With the fifth pick, the Chicago Bears select — Matthew Stafford, Detroit Lions, by way of the University of Georgia. Sites says, “It feels like Stafford has been in the NFL forever, but he’s still just 29 and has consistently put together 4,000-yard seasons year after year.”

Some fans thought Stafford would fall apart without Calvin Johnson to throw to, but he didn’t. He still had a passer rating over 90 and he threw for 270 yards per game. Pro Football Reference had him down for eight game winning drives last year as well.

Down at the ninth overall pick, SB Nation had the Lions drafting Aaron Rodgers. So that has to rile up the fellas over at Acme Packing Company.

Here’s another interesting nugget.

The first rookie to come off the board was none other than the Bears’ Mitchell Trubisky, at 18 to the Arizona Cardinals.

There’s a good chance Arizona would’ve drafted a quarterback in April if they didn’t get scooped by the Chiefs and Texans. Now in the re-draft they get the first rookie quarterback off the board, although the team may be better off finding a bridge starter to give Trubisky time to adjust to the NFL.

Bears’ fans, if you were running this “mock,” would you have nabbed Stafford for Chicago at five?

I think a good argument could be made for four or five other QBs, but a 29 year old Stafford would work too.