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Ten Thoughts on the NFL

NFL: Pro Bowl Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The last few weeks, four other WCG writer’s took the reigns of the Ten Thoughts to give a different voice to one of our longest running weekly columns. So thanks to Jeff, Sam, Robert, and Patti for filling in.

This week, I took to social media to get some of your thoughts, and I’ll include a few of those below.

1) The Washington Redskins blew it with the Kirk Cousins situation. If you get a quarterback you’re comfortable with, you sign him to a long term deal. If you don’t like the exorbitant cost of doing business with a franchise QB, then get out of the business.

Cousins claims the door isn’t shut on a possible return, but if he has another year like the two he just had, he’ll be the highest paid player in the game in 2018. He’s not the best player in the game, but that’s just the cost of franchise quarterbacks.

2) Another player with no deal reached that will play under the franchise tag is Pittsburgh’s Le'Veon Bell. I can sort of understand not breaking the bank for a running back, but Bell isn’t just some running back.

3) Over on our Facebook page, Andrew Robledo suggested that it may be time for another realignment.

While a realignment brings some excitement to the teams and divisions affected, I don’t think the league will do this unless a relocation forces their hand. The St. Louis Rams, moving to Los Angeles, actually makes more sense for them being in the NFC West.

4) So if you use the NFL endorsed ticket exchange program, the individual teams will know if you are selling your season tickets, then, at their discretion, they can strip you of your season tickets.

I’m not sure if all 32 teams have this same policy, but the Denver Broncos do.

5) The Carolina Panthers fired general manager Dave Gettleman, and Steve Smith had the tweet of the day.

For some backstory, Gettleman cut Smith after his first year running Carolina back in 2014. Word out of Carolina is that while Gettleman was adept at finding talent, his people skills were lacking.

6) Facebooker Phil Kloc wrote that “the NFC South is the hardest division to predict for this upcoming season.”

I agree. I also think this will be a fun division to watch, but that’s mostly because I’m a fan of the Carolina Panthers’ style of play. I think their offense will be really exciting.

7) Another offense I enjoy watching is the Tennessee Titans, and their bruising running game. Quarterback Marcus Mariota should enjoy throwing to rookie Corey Davis.

8) Matthiew Balsley, who has written a couple fanposts at WCG, sent me a direct message via Twitter with his thought this week.

With news/rumors breaking this morning of a possible altercation between Zeke Elliot and a DJ, I began to wonder if Elliott will face a possible suspension. If so, how long? The inconsistencies of Goodell's punishment should come under the microscope if Zeke receives more than one game. Why? Josh Brown was only given one game despite many tell tale signs and warning for domestic violence. Goodell's punishments rarely fit the crime. No matter the outcome, the NFLPA will push to lessen the power of the commissioner when it comes to handing out punishment during the new CBA.

Sounds good to me.

9) has one bold prediction for each team, and I agree with the one they drop for the Chicago Bears.

Jordan Howard rushes for more yards than Ezekiel Elliott.

Howard had himself a year in 2016 -- though it didn't look like he was going to, not early on. The fifth-round pick out of Indiana had recorded just 12 carries heading into October. Who could've guessed he'd finish the season with 1,313 yards? Howard produced those numbers despite moderate shuffling on the offensive line and major rejiggering at quarterback. What can he do with a full training camp as the starter and continuity on offense? John Fox wants to Run. The. Football. Losing receiver Alshon Jeffery in free agency practically demands the Bears coach embrace that strategy. Couple that with Elliott missing two starting offensive linemen in Dallas from a year ago, and Howard might be running away with a rushing title.

Elliot may also miss a game or two to a suspension, so this isn’t really all that bold when you think about it.

10) Our very own Superfans approve of this tweet...

... so I caught up with them to get their take on it.

I think this “GIF,” which I understand is not pronounced like the peanut butter, but rather with a hard G, of Todd fighting off his heart attack to go forth and enjoy copious amounts of beer and sausage, is like the 3-13 Chicago Bears fighting off the doldrums of sucktitude, to emerge as the Championship team we all know they should be.