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USA Today predicts a third place finish for the Chicago Bears

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Chicago Bears v Detroit Lions Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

The last few years, the USA Today has predicted a lot of losses for the Chicago Bears, and many of us Bears’ fans have gotten riled up at the perceived lack of respect for our favorite team.

While the Bears have yet to finish 32nd in the NFL (like they prdicted a couple years ago), with only 14 wins the last three seasons, our Bears have been bad.

Yes, they’re in a rebuild, but three wins last year, following the six from John Fox’s first year as head coach is still bad.

The USA Today is back with their annual predictions, and they once again have the Bears ending up with a losing record. But, and here’s the bright side, they aren’t in last place! They actually have eight teams with as poor as, or even a worse that the Bears, and they have the Detroit Lions finishing up in last place in the NFC North.

Here’s how they have the Bears.

Chicago Bears (5-11): None of their first six opponents finished below .500 in 2016 — quite a stern test for a club coming off a franchise record-tying 13 losses and breaking in at least one new quarterback.

After a couple years of outrage over, ‘how dare they predict the Bears to be so bad,’ I’ll just post this article quietly and move on with my day...