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Happy Birthday Walter Payton

Painting courtesy of Brandon Whitehead’s Art Of Sports

On July 25, 1954, the greatest football player to ever walk the planet earth, Walter Jerry Payton, was born.

Chicago Bears’ fans everywhere felt an unknown sense of ease come over them that summer day, because the Football Gods had delivered to us the greatest Chicago Bear ever. We only had to wait a short 21 years for the beloved to make him the fourth overall draft pick of the 1975 NFL Draft.

Check out this trifecta of broken hearts that went in front of Sweetness in that draft.

1. Atlanta Falcons, Steve Bartkowski, Quarterback, California

2. Dallas Cowboys, Randy White, Defensive Tackle, Maryland

3. Baltimore Colts, Ken Huff, Guard, North Carolina

Now to be fair, White did go on to have a Hall Of Fame career, but lets be honest, there’s a heap of difference between being a Hall of Famer and being the G.O.A.T.

We have so many memories of #34, but today, we’d love for you guys to share yours with us.

Happy birthday Walter, we’ll have a few cold ones today in your honor.

Picture courtesy of long time friend of the program, Brandon Whitehead, artist at Art Of Sports.