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Chicago Bears Training Camp: Live updates from the first padded practice (open thread)

Chicago Bears Training Camp

The Chicago Bears will finally gear up today and start to practice some real football at training camp. There will be a few collisions, there will be some tackling, there will be some contested passes, there might be a scuffle or two, and there will be some defenders running past the quarterbacks, trying to ever so gently let it be known that they would have recorded a sack, but with touching the orange clad signal callers off limits, they’ll just annoy the QBs as they run by.

Generally speaking, the defense is usually ahead of the offense at this point in camp, so I wouldn’t expect many big-play highlights from the offense, unless it’s on a late developing play that probably would have been a sack had the defense been allowed to pummel the quarterbacks.

Basically, keep in mind that this is still practice. The offense and defense may be competing, but the coaches are looking at specific things on every play call.

We’re fortunate to have a couple Windy City Gridiron Staffers down at camp today, with Andrew Link joining Robert Zeglinski, who has been there all week.

Check out the Twitter stream from Robert right here, then scroll down to see what Andrew is checking out at camp.



This is an open thread (Rated WCG-MA), so you might see a naughty word or two in the comment section.

Have fun out there...