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Dan Hampton believes Bears could have won 4 Super Bowls with Jay Cutler

Dan Hampton

Dan Hampton played for the Chicago Bears from 1979 to 1990. During his twelve year run, the Bears made the playoffs seven times and won one Super Bowl. His teams were known for outstanding defenses and an electric running game. They had a top 10 defense nine times, and a top four rushing offense seven different times. Hall Of Famer Hampton, was joined on defense by fellow Hall Of Famers Mike Singletary and Richard Dent, and a host of other Pro Bowl players.

On the offensive side of the ball, Hampton played the first nine years of his career with Hall Of Fame running back Walter Payton, and then Pro Bowl tailback Neal Anderson took over when Payton hung them up. Teams have won a lot of games in the NFL with a great D and punishing run game, but Hampton and company only snagged that one ring in SBXX.

What was the biggest reason they only brought home one Lombardi Trophy? Hampton believes it was due to struggles at the quarterback position.

The best quarterback he played with was the oft-injured Jim McMahon, but he also played with Mike Phipps, Vince Evans, Steve Fuller, and Mike Tomczak to name a few. McMahon was the primary QB through their best years, but he couldn’t stay on the field.

Whether it was the dastardly body slam from Packer jackass Charles Martin, or just McMahon’s rugged playing style, injuries prevented him from playing an entire season during his time in Chicago. He started 61 games in his seven seasons in Chicago, and his teams went 46-15 (.754) during that time.

While Jay Cutler’s Bears’ teams struggled to win later in his career, during his first four years (the Lovie Smith years), his teams went 34-22 (.607) during his starts.

Cutler had his fair share of injury issues during his time in Chicago as well, but many of his were because of shoddy pass protection. Even though McMahon took a lot of sacks in Chicago, his offensive line was much better than anything Jay had.

So what do you guys think?

If you place Jay Cutler on Dan Hampton’s teams, would they have won more than one Super Bowl?