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Chicago Bears vs Denver Broncos: Pre Party Open Thread!

Chris Zorich

Are you ready...

Are you ready for some football?

We’re ready.

In fact, we’ve been ready since New Year’s Day, 2017, when we watched the Chicago Bears suffer through their 13th loss of last season. That made it four year sin a row without a winning season, and six since their last playoff appearance. Bears’ fans need a shot of optimism, and what better than the optimistic nature of the off season to give us hope.

That hope is slim, but there’s a sliver of it for every team coming off a losing season.

Even though this is just a preseason game, there’s still a number of story-lines for us fans to keep an eye on. Andrew ran through some of the things he’s keeping his eye on right here as the Bears host the Denver Broncos.

Andrew also gathered a bunch of us WCG writers up and got our predictions for the Bears’ 53 man roster.

Here are a few other important recent WCG articles to peruse while you’re waiting for the game to start.

Keep in mind this is an open thread (rated WCG-MA), which means you might see an F-Bomb or two.

Have fun out there!