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Chicago Bears vs Arizona Cardinals: Pre Party Open Thread!

Raymont Harris

The Chicago Bears will look to bounce back from their tough preseason opening loss to the Denver Broncos and...

Wait a minute, who are we kidding!

We didn’t care about the outcome of that game, because we finally got to see Mitchell Trubisky on an actual NFL field, looking like an actual NFL quarterback!

As expected, last week WCG was very Trubisky heavy, including the following articles.

Bears Preseason Game One vs Broncos. Biscuit brings the gravy

Bears overreaction: Preseason, Week 1

The Infantry: Recapping Bears rookie performances from Week 1 of the preseason

Twitter reacts to Bears’ QB Mitchell Trubisky

The Bears' Mitch Trubisky experience isn't a thing - yet

What Does the Future of the Bears Offense Look Like? (Spoiler: Trubisky is a big part of it)

Trubisky’s performance stands out—even for preseason

2017 Bears Roster: Better, worse, or the same? Part One—Offense

Dowell Loggains deserves some credit for Mitchell Trubisky’s Bears’ debut (Podcast)

Bears splitting QB playing time just right

You guys can get all amped up, reliving some of that Trubisky stuff form the last several days, and discuss him and tonight’s game in the comment section.

This is an Open Thread, but please keep it classy, and as always, enjoy the party.

And while we’re on the subject of Mike Singletary, who is one of my favorite Bears’ of all time,