Trubisky isn't the Bears' Messiah - this man is

Mike Glennon.

He is the Bears' messiah.

No, I'm not smoking anything funky. No, I'm not John Fox in disguise.

I'm actually just referring to the original meaning of the word. Messiah means 'anointed one'. And in Chicago's tale or two quarterbacks, only one has been treated as if he was the anointed one. Glennon.

Over and over. 'Mike Glennon is our starting quarterback'. 'It's Mike's team'. It's been nauseating. If they have to keep asserting it to pretend it's true, it probably isn't.

The Bears sank a lot of money into Glennon. They sank a lot of draft capital into Trubisky. But while Trubisky has basically been told that he's not going to (and not really allowed to try to) earn that starting spot, Glennon has been spoon-fed and had his ego massaged from day one. Mike's been given the job. Mitch has been expected to earn it.

And still, after Glennon has shown us nothing to cheer about, we all know that it will be business as usual when the Bears go back to practice. And if he continues to back his messiah, and Glennon continues to play as he has so far, Pace needs to start looking for a new head coach for this team who is willing to develop Mitch.

It increasingly looks like Mike is a false messiah. Not because we've all bought into Glennon-for-MVP and are going to be let down. But because he should never have been anointed in the first place.

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